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The concept of shoehorns has nearly vanished from popular culture. I don’t plan to wear shoes every again which need them, but I am keeping two from my former lives: one from the Ritz-Carleton, the one and only time I stayed there, and a bootlength one, from winter weather past. Maybe I’ll make them into a collage: Things I Don’t Miss, or Raus. Recent pruning of Stuff from the garage, using the shoehorn concept, has enabled me to put my new car under cover. I’ve had the house ten years, and everything from former houses was just sitting there. If I hadn’t used it in ten years, I probably didn’t need it. One wall is stacked with plastic bins of holiday decor, and as soon as it cools off this fall, I’ll go through them. Some of it is best described as ‘What Was I Thinking?’

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Paperless reading

I have an old Sony ereader, two Nooks and a Kindle. Since I found that the books bought on the Kindle aren’t really yours and can vanish without notice, I’ve been even shyer about ebooks. Lois McMaster Bujold had thoughtfully included a CD containing many of her books in one of her hardbacks, so if I sideload, I can see them. Not giving up the CD, just in case, or the hardback. I do still borrow cozies and current bestsellers via my local library, and Barnes & Noble’s books don’t seem to vanish once I buy them.  I’ve reached the bottom of the barrel on actual physical books that I want to get rid of, though. I do have some duplicates of Kipling, and I can get rid of those, in my spare time. Must look into Ebay…

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Dangerous gardening

While herb sales and garden club sales are fun, they always lead to trouble. Last year at a local Herbal Faire I bought lots of things I hadn’t seen before locally, reasoning that if she could grow it, so could I. One of the small pots was labelled ‘sorrel’, and I love sorrel soup. The plant got pushed to the back of the garden, and before I knew it, its vines were eight feet long, sprawled everywhere and were very strong.  It loved the blazing Florida sun. That’s not sorrel, but it was lovely, so I left it alone. This year the same plant, still in its 2 gallon pot, is burgeoning.  THIS year it’s going to get trained onto an arbor so it can shade some of the less sunloving plants, like the real sorrel, which is struggling.

This year, at the same Herbal Faire, I THOUGHT I limited myself to basics: a huge parsley pot, some dill, some salad burnet, a few basils. Somehow a lovage plant crept in. Had to look it up. Four to six feet, it says. Needs large pot at the back of the garden. It’s a challenge, and in spring, any garden challenge looks like fun. We’ll see how it looks in August.

With a huge outdoor market nearby, I don’t plant vegetables any more. However, the herbs sold in the market are all for local ethnic populations, so we have lots of Southeast Asian and Caribbean plants, but no parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme. I take pictures of the market stalls every time I go, and average two new-to-me plants per visit. The things that look like vegetable hamsters were a sort of taro, and made a very good wallpaper paste. Other recipes have been more successful.



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Hello world!

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